alright DBCers you should be about halfway through with State of Wonder by now. Is this too much time? Do you think we could read the next one faster…? Thoughts?

Anyway, I am really loving this book, although I need to get out of Manaus. Please book God get me out of this city! I need to get to the Amazon! Also the Bovenders are a tad crazy. They just apartment sit for Dr. Swenson for a living? I don’t know if that is the weirdest job or the coolest job… hmm on the fence, what do you think?

Good news! I have changed the book club to a more better site! The new site is Goodreads, where I was already a thriving member, and I cannot believe I did not use it first! Just sign up to be a member of Goodreads (it’s totally free) and then search for the Duchess of Plumewood book club and you can join it. I promise! Way easier than the other one!