hostess gifts

The holidays are coming up and you will probably be making trips to different houses and you’re going to need some hostess gifts. My idea behind gifts is that there are three parts to a gift and you need each part to make it a WOW gift. 1. The main gift 2. the extra something 3. the wrappings. 1+2+3= “Wow you shouldn’t have!” I’ve put together 10 ready made showstoppers!

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10
1. A drink caddy of flowers. This has all three, flowers + pots + little sign
2. Monogrammed coffee mug + Little bag of coffee (world market has interesting flavors) + ribbon on the handle
3. Ceramic pie plate + rolling pin + tied with a dishtowel
4. Cute wine bottle + fun wine stopper + bow
5. Artisan cheese + pellegrino & flowers + a basket
6. A cookbook from your state/city + funny “state snacks” (in Texas we have ‘armadillo droppings’) + ribbon wrapped
7. Picture frame + note in the frame “Thanks for a great night” + in a cute box
8. Painted salad utensils + matching napkins + tied with twine
9. Platter + Monogram + matching ribbon
10. Table topics + cute box + ribbon 

These gifts will have your hostess inviting you back for more!

Which gift can you see yourself giving this holiday season?

  • Amanda Reed

    I did mugs from Anthro for my bridal shower hostesses! They loved them!