project {my} life

So a couple weeks ago I found this post on a favorite blog of mine about Project Life. What is project life you ask? Well it is basically a short cut to recording your life. I thought, hey I could actually do this! I mean we all know I have no time what will Law School, work, puppy, kitten, etc but I wanted to be able to remember the little moments from the week. Little moments like making pumpkin bread, giving Winston a special treat, skyping with a friend, a really good dessert etc. Little things make up the bulk of your life so why not remember them?

PL is really easy, you can read here about how to get started, but basically you make 1 page/2 facing pages about your week. You can write as much or a little as you want! It really is an interesting way to document your life.

You can see what I have so far:

Anyone interested in Project Life? How do you document your week?

  • la petite fashionista

    oh my gosh, yours looks fantastic! i have all the supplies from mine and havent made myself slow down and take the time to do it!!

    you’ve inspired me :)