turkey turkey turkey

What a wonderful Thanksgiving break! I traveled up to Minnesota (wasn’t I just there in August….?) and spent Thanksgiving with Tom’s family. Imagine flying in at 11:30 PM and driving to meet an entire family for the first time…. nervous? I was! But of course there was nothing to be nervous about! What a wonderful family!

The entire week{end} was such a fun time, we ran a 5k Thanksgiving morning (okay okay ran and walked), someone went and saw Twilight with me (what a keeper), and then I cried though Lincoln (history major), and we went shopping (and I wasn’t the one who bought anything), and we climbed the ropes course in the Mall of America! Fun weekend? I think so! Oh and it snowed on Thanksgiving and I am pretty sure I acted like an idiot when I ran to the window and exclaimed “it’s snowing!” Everyone kinda looked at me and smiled like Bless her southern heart.

at dinner with mom before getting on the plane
The run Thanksgiving morning
I had to run with this Turkey…

Thanksgiving dinner

Winston helped Grandma Jane decorate after Thanksgiving

My welcoming committee at the airport in Austin last night!
What a wonderful weekend! Now on to finals… let the stress commence!