What I’m thankful for…

Thanksgiving is upon us! One of the best holidays in my book (after St, Patrick’s Day which is my FAVORITE holiday EVER). Why do I think Thanksgiving is one of the best holidays? Because the entire day in centered around family and giving thanks. There are no presents except for the gift of your time spent with everyone. And because Thanksgiving is a day that is purely about being thankful for what we have and the people around us, that makes it one of the best holidays in my book.

So as we get into this Thanksgiving week here are some of the things that I am thankful for:

1) My awesome new schedule, no more night classes (well okay 1)!

2) My mom, who missed Christmas Affair in Austin to come visit me and her grandkitten and grandpuppy

3) Poppy and Winston for being two big reasons why I can actually stand getting out of bed in the morning

4) For being able and having the opportunity to go to law school

5) For sometimes doing nothing at all but reading

Thank you God for a wonderful life, and please forgive me if I don’t thank you enough.

What are you thankful for?