keep on swimming…

I need Dory on repeat in my head “keep on swimming katherine, keep on studying katherine, keep on WATCH OUT FOR THOSE EXAMS!” Yeah even Dory would get crazy with the week ahead! I have my most difficult final tonight but I am trying to look on the bright side (like last april), or trying to keep the glass half full if you will (mom aren’t you proud?), so here are the five things getting me through the week:

1) The bright shiny thought that exams will be over at Noon on Thursday!

2) Peppermint Mochas that keep me awake and alert!

3) Doggie daycare for keeping Winston entertained and me feeling WAY less like a rotten mommy since I have no time to play

4) A flight from Columbus to Dallas Friday night

5) Austin on Saturday (and the Oasis and 456 with the Sniders and for Tom to FINALLY meet my dad…)

Wow I’m feeling better already! (4 days until I’m done!)

What things kept/keep you going through exams?