margarita mix

 I just finished my last exam for the semester! Whoop! I am HALFWAY done with Law School! That’s crazy! To celebrate I am going to mix up some Texas Margaritas! The first time I had these was at a party for Summer Swim Team coaches, I was dating one so I was invited to the party  that was being put on by one of the sets of parents of the kids on the team. (I actually ended up watching their kids the summer before law school) The mom whipped these up for the party (I think multiple times) and I am pretty sure every coach was feeling it the next day at the meet. Thankfully I didn’t have to get up at the crack of dawn to get to a swim meet, but I will always remember that awesome night and these margaritas!

They are so easy to make! I might have to go get some Chuy’s take out to complement them!