paw licking good

This past weekend I celebrated the birthdays of two of my most favorite males in my life: my brother Luke and Winston! Luke’s birthday was Saturday and I got to take a break from studying to see him in Austin and give him his present and then Sunday was Winston’s birthday! And since I needed a little joy after completing my first final yesterday, I went out and got Winston a doggie cupcake from Sprinkles (thanks to Lauren for letting me know about them!) and it really raised my spirits after that exam!

Happy Birthday handsome bully Mommy loves you! I can’t believe you were born 1 year ago, you were so tiny when I brought you home! Winston is such a big part of my life and I am so thankful that you came into my life little man!

Happy Birthday Luke!

I might have gotten a cupcake for me as well… might


  • Lauren

    Ahh! Happy birthday little man :) Hope he liked his cupcake. It took Remi a few minutes to figure out what it was.