veg out week

So I have a chalkboard of my Birthday Bucket List hanging on my wall in my entryway and during my first week of studying I was standing in my kitchen (like this) eating something at some random time and I was just staring at that chalkboard thinking “The four cannons of statutory interpretation are: 1) textualism 2) substantive 3)… dang I really need to get going on my Bucket List!”

Since I wasn’t really in the position to take time out of studying to paint a canvas, take a photography class or go paddle boarding I started to focus on the things that I could accomplish relatively easily.

Getting up before 6AM for two weeks? Considering I was going to bed later than 3AM everyday that was NOT going to happen.

Learn CPR? Yeah right. More like I need CPR with all these finals crushing my will to breathe.

Go Vegetarian for a week? Yeah. I can handle that. (How did this make the BBL? I found this online and thought that sounds cool)

So last week I didn’t eat meat at all. It actually wasn’t that difficult not eating meat but I didn’t want to substitute carbs for meat. So I tried to substitute more vegetables for meat. It worked out pretty well! I had salads (with a bunch of creative toppings) and baked/steamed veggies, and I tried to make them “flavorful” and not boring. I did have carbs (like I could really survive without them) but instead of walking around with a loaf of french bread it was more like squash ravioli and homemade margherita pizza. Yummy! Lots of fruit and eggs! I didn’t make the jump to tofu yet… it scares me! Is that weird?

Winston got in on the fun too…

I am thinking of making this a monthly thing or once a week a go veg day. Good for you, good for the environment, good all around!