you shouldn’t have…

Hmmmm we all know you won’t eat that candy, you cringe at carnations, and that teddy bear will stare at you in the middle of the night (so relegate him to the living room… or garage) so what would you actually enjoy opening on Valentine’s Day? (beside gorgeous flowers of course)

ahhhhh you shouldn’t have… but I’m so glad you did.

check back next week for some cute valentine’s day outfits!

which ones would you love?

a balmy -15 degrees

What a fantastic time in Minneapolis this past weekend! I watched Tom’s sister Carly get married (so beautiful) and spent some great time exploring St Paul and getting let in on all the Minnesotan secrets (which I guess I wasn’t privy to when I lived there…) We had the rehearsal dinner at Caspers and Runyon’s Nook and had a ‘juicy nooky’ which is a burger that has cheese in the middle… it sounds weird but tastes oh so delicious! I (finally) got to see some of the people I have been missing since I left Minneapolis (hello Brittany and Kristen) and got to hear about how their lives are going. We went and watched the Red Bull Crashed Ice event (where I froze) then went to Gabe’s bar to get some dinner and look at the next clue in the Pioneer Press’ Medallion hunt. We then headed off to Harriet Island to look for the medallion. While Tom and his friends actually searched the frozen ground for this thing I kicked around some leaves and poked some trees with a stick. We were literally walking around a public park with 50+ other people looking through dirt and snow at midnight. The medallion is worth $10,000 but I was just too cold to be interested.

All in all it was an amazing weekend, with amazing food, and amazing people!

oh hello snow

the ‘juicy nooky’

I might have thought about ‘waffle-ing’ him in the face… but I resisted 

the cathedral lit up at Red Bull Crashed Ice

these matching outfits were not planned. cross my heart. 
While I loved the snow I really enjoyed coming back to 65 degree weather….


Before I left for Minneapolis last Thursday I made a little stop at drybar in Northpark Mall.

They only do blowouts. No coloring, cutting, etc just a little wash and a blow dry. And these people are awesome! The place is very chic and you feel like you’ve just stepped into a place made for girls (which it pretty much is). You can have a mimosa and watch some girly movies. I finished There’s No Business Like Show Business and then started Easy A during my blowout. I went for the Cosmo-Tai look. For $35 and you have that I-just-got-my-hair-done-and-feel-fantastic aura about you! Plus it lasted me all the way through my flight, the wedding rehearsal  the rehearsal dinner, AND the next day through the wedding! Hello, awesome!
I can’t wait to go back!

baby it’s fricken FREEZING outside

As I get all the pictures from this past weekend in Minneapolis ready I thought I’d give yall a little preview of how I dressed for the winter weather this past weekend… First off let me tell you it was COLD. Like sub zero temperatures!

Keeping it cozy at the Red Bull Crushed Ice event!

Do you like our furry hats?

Yep. That’s me in a north face coat (made for negative degree weather), gloves, scarf and BARE LEGS. Yeah I’m crazy.  

Belize: Caye Caulker

We traveled to Caye Caulker for a day after swimming with sharks and snorkeling on the reef (where I touched a sea turtle!!!!). It was such a laid back place where we got lunch on the side of the dirt road, drank some coconut milk, drank some “lizard juice” and talked with the locals.

There are no cars on the island just bikes and golf carts and most of the locals don’t even wear shoes. Can you imagine just living your life with no cars and no shoes and just eating what you catch from the sea? Belize is so incredible!