baby it’s fricken FREEZING outside

As I get all the pictures from this past weekend in Minneapolis ready I thought I’d give yall a little preview of how I dressed for the winter weather this past weekend… First off let me tell you it was COLD. Like sub zero temperatures!

Keeping it cozy at the Red Bull Crushed Ice event!

Do you like our furry hats?

Yep. That’s me in a north face coat (made for negative degree weather), gloves, scarf and BARE LEGS. Yeah I’m crazy.  

  • la petite fashionista

    oh my god, you’re brave girl! i was suffering a bit last week!! it’s definitely the coldest temperatures i’ve ever experienced. BRR stay warm!

  • Michael Robinson

    You look like you had a brilliant time! :) By the way, were your bare legs cold? Did your bare legs get goosebumps? :) :3

  • Paweł Andryszkiewicz

    Nice legs. And what’s resistant. You look beautiful.