Belize: Swimming with Sharks

We’re gonna need a bigger boat!

If you know me you know there are three things that I am deathly afraid of: snakes, spiders, and sharks. I am terrified of those things, I shake, I cry, and I have nightmares of those horrible animals. Screw heights, the dark, public speaking etc but Sx3 terrify me. So when I put #12 on my Birthday Bucket List I was thinking that I would take one of my smaller fears and confronting it. I would have NEVER dreamed that an opportunity would come that I could confront one of the Big Three. But there we were in Belize on a snorkel trip going to Hol Chan Marine Reserve Reef and then dun dun Shark Ray Alley. (cue the tears) Now everyone on the boat was trying to reassure me that they were only nurse sharks and they don’t hurt people and they are so safe but I was sitting there shaking and saying “but they are SHARKS!” It took a lot for me to jump in that water and SWIM WITH and TOUCH A SHARK but I did it.

Was it worth it? Yeah. Just don’t ask how fast I climbed out of that water…