What is your closet’s GPA?

I found this new blog, new to me not to the world, courtesy of a fellow blogger Amanda (provide link). Young House Love, is an amazing blog full of great decorating ideas, fun tutorials and great bloggers. I spent about two hours looking through their past posts and perusing their ideas and offshoots (hello the perfect paint choices!) But in spite of all the cool and interesting things I want to try like the stripes in their bathroom, their colorful door, their couch & pillows and their step by step tutorials, there was one post that really made me sit back and go HELLO!
It was this post about Sherry’s closet. I know what you’re thinking geez another post about organizing a closet but no its about what to put in your closet but not in a if you don’t buy the pieces from J Crew you’re going to look like an idiot way. She tells you about what she likes to call her Closet GPA. For all of those who have moved on from high school and higher education you’re probably thinking oh lord like I need to think about GPA again and for all still tied to a GPA you’re probably thinking oh lord like I need another GPA to think about but in all seriousness THIS. MAKES. SENSE.
Think about if you were to give your closet a ‘score’ or a GPA. Scale of 4.0 or 10 or whatever, 10 is easier in closet terms so I’m rolling with that. You want your closet to be a 10, so why would you put things in the mix that are only a 5? You would bring down the overall score right?
I finally get what my mom has been trying to drill in my head for the past 24 years, if you don’t LOVE it don’t buy it. Unless you are crazy about an article of clothing why would you spend money on it? I would rather have a great coat from J Crew than a coat, bag, scarf, and gloves that I’m not in love with. I do not need another piece of clothing that I will wear twice and then get tired of. Plus we all have those moments where you’re standing in Target/TJ Maxx/Macy’s and think well I like this shirt and it’s on sale so I guess I’m going to buy it, and we all know that you’re going to wear it the next week, then maybe in two months and then its never going to see the light of day again.
Everyone wants to love the way they look right? So why would you buy something if you’re not in love with it? I don’t care if it’s a fabulous dress or a white shirt, if you don’t love it and cannot see yourself wearing it all the time then why would you buy it? (PS for all women out there who need a formal dress for something but don’t want to spend money on a so-so dress check out Rent the Runway)
This doesn’t mean you have to spend a huge amount of money on clothes, you can find clothes that are 10s all over the place and if you sign up for store’s emails or their cards you get special deals and special sale notices. (My mom’s other mantra is never buy anything for full price – and she rarely ever pays full price, oh I have much to learn still…) Also did you know that many places (like J Crew/Madewell/The Limited/Banana Republic/Club Monaco/Steve Madden) give students and teachers a discount? So go grab your student or teacher friend and say let’s go shopping!
So go take stock of your closet this weekend (or as soon as you read this) and toss everything out that is below a 6 (or higher if you’re really feeling this post) and start thinking about your closet GPA the next time you enter a store. 
PS none of those closets are mine. My closet looks like rainbow brite had a party…