it’s too early

Confession: I don’t do mornings. Seriously. I used to have a sleep shirt as a kid that said “I don’t do mornings” Reflecting on this I am sure that number 14 on my Birthday Bucket List is going to be a horrible experience for me. Horrible but rewarding is what I have to keep telling myself… it’s not working but oh well.

Anyway because I don’t do mornings that means I don’t do anything else that happens before 9AM. Like do breakfast, walk Winston, do my hair, make my bed, leave the house on time… you get the picture. Well at least I don’t do it well. So to make my mornings easier I have started to make breakfast ahead of time.

I used to have grand ideas of waking up early making pancakes, going over my briefs for class, taking a long walk with Winston… good one Katherine. Good one. So obviously that NEVER happens so now I roll out of bed, put Winston’s collar on him, pop one of my breakfasts in the microwave and stumble out the door. I come back in and there is a hot breakfast waiting, that is actually good and healthy: shocking I know.

I mix up a bunch of egg whites and ground turkey with this homemade taco seasoning meaure them out into baby mason jars and stick them in the fridge. Then in the morning I take it out of the microwave, grab a couple strawberries and pour a glass of milk and boom 3 minutes later breakfast is done and its yummy (and for health nuts out there: 300 calories and lots of protein).

So here to pushing snooze a couple more times!

DBC: new book

So I hope this book is going to be better than the last one… City Girl, Country Vet sounds really fun though! I think it sounds like the movie The Holiday a little in the premise and I loved that movie so I am pretty pumped about this book. Plus there is an adorable pug on the cover AND a girl in wellies… hello love it already! Yes, I did just judge the book by the cover but it got the thumbs up so I’m cool with that…

The end date of this book is after Easter so you’ve got time to enjoy it! Don’t forget to sign up for the book club to keep up with all the discussions!

Mr. Handsome

I have a thing for bowties. Happily so does Winston. Winston (and his namesake the ever right and honorable Sir Winston Churchill) wear bowties so very well. We have been building up Winston’s bowtie collection…

His American History Professor Bowtie

His Christmas Bowtie
His Barn Raising Bowtie
Sir Winston added a new bowtie to his collection recently and I think it’s my favorite!
His new collar (and lead!) were a present from Grandma Jane (who he loves) from Silly Buddy on Etsy! 
Doesn’t he look so handsome?