BBL: Murder Mystery Dinner

Someone surprised me two weeks ago with tickets to a Murder Mystery Dinner! The theme: Totally 80s, Totally Murder! It was so much fun! And dun dun dun I was a suspect! It was great fun and I loved being put on the spot and having to answer in character, who by the way was Trish Hughes the Swedish supermodel. They made all the suspects wear a hat, mine was white and covered in pearls… very 80s hahaha! For each “act” of the dinner each suspect had a bio, a goal, a secret, and directions. One of my goal was to get a prescription from “Dr Joe” because I was depressed because my boyfriend had just been killed! What a great night! Another check off the Birthday Bucket List!

 sorry for the grainy pic

me at the front telling about my “affair” with the dead guy