Fantasy Bachelor

Fantasy Bachelor

Alright girls, bachelor{ette} obsessed, tv fanatics, lovers of reality tv that isn’t really reality, and everyone else who reads this blog and has no idea what I’m talking about (hi grandma). Last night while watching The Bachelor (hello Tierra needs to be admitted to a psych ward) I had an idea that is going to change Monday nights forever, for-ev-er (said in the Sandlot voice). Without further ado I present to you… drumroll please… FANTASY BACHELOR!

It’s like fantasy football, but way better, because wine (and watching The Bachelor{ette}) is kind of required! On a side note, would it not be crazy for Tierra to be the next bachelorette? I would like to see the types of guys that would apply for a chance to date her… d-r-a-m-a. Anyway, this is how Fantasy Bachelor works.

Before the premiere you and your FB (that’s Fantasy Bachelor not Facebook, but I’m sure your group could make a Facebook group page) group check out the girls’ pictures and bios online and each person in the group picks their top 20/18 depending on how many start out and who they believe will get the first impression rose. Yes, this is purely based on looks and paper but hey isn’t that how it pretty much works?

Then (this is where it gets tricky) right after the rose ceremony (GASP! Oh no he didn’t send HER home!) each girl pics their next rose ceremony winners and who will get the one on one date(s) AND if those one on one daters will get a rose. It is verrrrry important to do this right after the ceremony because hello they give you sneak peeks so you know that whoever is going to be soaring around in a airplane screaming over the intercom system with Mr. Bachelor alone next week. So push pause or turn it off or something until everyone gets down their next choices.
Then after hometown episode rose ceremony you go ahead and pick your winner. So you’d pick the final  two and the new fiancé.

1 point for each correctly predicted rose ceremony winner. 5 points for correctly guessing the first impression rose. 5 points for correctly guessing the one on one datees and 1 point if you correctly guess if they get a rose. 10 points if you get the new fiancé correct!

Bonus Points:
 5 bonus points if you guess correctly if someone, and who they are, leaves on their own! You can make up your own bonus point questions too like for this season Who do you think almost freezes to death doing the polar bear plunge? Well everyone should have gotten those points… Gollum I mean Tierra.

Stakes: whatever you want. Have everyone throw in $5, $10, a bottle of wine whatever. This is Fantasy Bachelor not Fantasy Football who cares!

For your viewing & gaming pleasure you can find score cards for each episode below! And like I said this works for The Bachelor or The Bachelorette (so now you have even more of an excuse to watch America’s new “dating game!”) PS I’ve included some choice quotes for your entertainment at the bottom of each Fantasy Bachelor page. Should I make some Fantasy Bachelorette pages?

Here is another site with their own rendition of Fantasy Bachelor (even though I think mine is waaay cooler, maybe I’m biased)!
PDFs (I am in no way talented with making PDFs… if anyone wants to help me remake these let me know) Some seasons have had 30 contestants and that is what the PDFs reflect. If there are only 25 contestants, the number is whittled down from 25-18-16-13-11-9-6-4-3-2-1. 
PS I’m totally calling Leslie or Dez as the next Bachelorette