it’s too early

Confession: I don’t do mornings. Seriously. I used to have a sleep shirt as a kid that said “I don’t do mornings” Reflecting on this I am sure that number 14 on my Birthday Bucket List is going to be a horrible experience for me. Horrible but rewarding is what I have to keep telling myself… it’s not working but oh well.

Anyway because I don’t do mornings that means I don’t do anything else that happens before 9AM. Like do breakfast, walk Winston, do my hair, make my bed, leave the house on time… you get the picture. Well at least I don’t do it well. So to make my mornings easier I have started to make breakfast ahead of time.

I used to have grand ideas of waking up early making pancakes, going over my briefs for class, taking a long walk with Winston… good one Katherine. Good one. So obviously that NEVER happens so now I roll out of bed, put Winston’s collar on him, pop one of my breakfasts in the microwave and stumble out the door. I come back in and there is a hot breakfast waiting, that is actually good and healthy: shocking I know.

I mix up a bunch of egg whites and ground turkey with this homemade taco seasoning meaure them out into baby mason jars and stick them in the fridge. Then in the morning I take it out of the microwave, grab a couple strawberries and pour a glass of milk and boom 3 minutes later breakfast is done and its yummy (and for health nuts out there: 300 calories and lots of protein).

So here to pushing snooze a couple more times!