{oh} my {goodness} valentine’s day

So I have been planning for a Valentine’s Day dinner with my mom for two weeks, she told me all she wanted was for me to clean my apartment to her SUPER HIGH standards, and that she would make reservations for dinner after my class got out. I had talked to Tom before class and thanked him for the beautiful flowers and card he sent me for Valentine’s Day.

So I got home after class and then mom called and said she was outside so I went to open the door and there was somebody. Not my mom. Not some rando. It was TOM!

Yes I might have screamed and he might have gotten it on video, which will never see the light of day. Ever. But he had flown in from Ohio to surprise me for Valentine’s Day and then to come skiing with my family!




(those last pictures were from a wedding we attended in october but I just got them and thought they were perfect here)