four eyes

I got some new glasses… Winston decided that my old ones were a chew toy. They ended up a tad more than scratched and a mile more than broken. I was dreading buying new ones, going to the store, trying on a million, then paying a million… yuck. Then I found BonLook! I had a little too much fun using the try on by webcam thing… But I found the perfect pair! I love love love my new glasses, and I love love love wearing them instead of my contacts! (I have the Honeybadger in tortoiseshell)

Yep. I love them. Oh and big photo cred to Tom.

  • Type-A(shley)

    LOVE your new glasses:) I’ve always wanted to wear specs. You look adorable.

  • Lauren Felix

    theses shades look soo good on you lady!


  • Norm

    i have those exact glasses! they’re great!