last minute trip

So last Tuesday I made a quick trip to Columbus, quick as in I had to buy the ticket the Thursday before… More on why I jetted up to Ohio tomorrow (its a good reason I promise).

But Tom and I made the most of the surprise trip (lots of surprise trips happening in the past 30 days…) and we whipped up a fantastic dinner & dessert and went to the North Market in downtown Columbus for a really cool lunch! Tom and I loved having a normal date night, normal as is I-cooked-and-he-watched-and-drooled-over-the-food.

 Tom’s kitchen was a little crowded but I made it work
 Pork chops recipe courtesy of Eat Yourself Skinny (mine don’t look as good as hers but they still tasted yummy!)
the finished product… oh trader joe’s I love how fresh all your produce is
At North Market there were so many little shops that were all independent with adorable names and handpicked selections…

Tom was not impressed with the pig thing

Tom got excited about this store…

Finally tried buckeyes! 

Our lunch from a Turkish food boutique shop

I loved all the names of the little stores! Curds & Whey (for a cheese shoppe? yes please!)

Any other places yall know of in Columbus we need to try out?