Life In: LA

1) Who am I? Princess Leia wannabe otherwise known as Armita

2) How do I know Katherine? Well, it’s all a matter of bad luck really. See, I was the new kid in 7th grade so I joined the volleyball team to make some friends. Enter Katherine. The only blonde I’ve ever known to read as much as me (even though she reads weird things about princesses and stable boys). It was basically love at first sight. That was more than a decade ago (OMG WE’RE SO OLD) and even though she went to the wrong university we stayed friends.

3) Where do I live now? Sunny and fabulous Los Angeles, where the weather never changes so you don’t know if time is actually passing.

4) Hometown? Austin, Texas. THE greatest city in ‘Merica.

5) How did I get from Austin to LA? I moved to LA to pursue a career as an actress/model/screenwriter/waitress/bartender. Nah, I’m kidding. I moved for Law School, kids.

So, I’m going to sum up Los Angeles for y’all in two pictures. They say it can’t be done, but just wait.

Among the “trendy” things to do in LA is to go wine tasting. This little gem of a place is in Malibu. You get to bring all your own food so we made ourselves a little picnic and proceeded to drink our way through their tasting fleets. One of the first things you should know about me is that I’m a budding wine enthusiast. Or I’m trying to be, anyway. Turns out actually being a wine enthusiast takes more money than is allowed under my student budget. For the record, I’m the one who decided to climb up the sculpture for the picture. That tells you about all you need to know about me.

During the summer, there are TONS of outdoor screenings of different movies.  There are parks/middle schools all over the city that they screen random movies, but the one we kept going to was in Brentwood (think fancy Santa Monica and if that doesn’t make sense then just think bougie beach bums).  It gets pretty cold at night near the beach so we bundled ourselves up and camped out for the screening.  We brought our own beer and wine and absolutely ravaged the food trucks, as evidenced in the pictures.  If I remember correctly, this screening was for Zoolander which ended up being so much fun.  Turns out my friend Gillian (the one who’s showing her affection for me by simultaneously leaning away and putting her hand on my back – yeah, she’s weird) can quote nearly the entire movie.

I just wanted to include this one because I look mega badass. Just so we’re clear, this was my first time ever holding a handgun, but look how good I am at it!! Just like in all the movies. So how did I end up holding a gun? Great question. My friend Taylor decided to teach me and our two other friends from school how to shoot guns because apparently these are “skills every person should know” – I’m still dubious as to that point, but whatever.  So he taught us to shoot a rifle, some kind of scary semi-automatic military type thing, a shotgun, and finally the handgun.


Thanks Mita! And I feel like I must correct you on something. YOU went to the wrong university. Gig Em!