three strands

On Saturday a good friend was married. Rachel and I were roommates and taught dance together in college, and now since we both in Dallas we nee each other for dinner quite often. Rachel and Josh have the type of relationship that is a living model for all relationships. I can only imagine how their marriage is going to inspire those around them. Their wedding took place in Rachel’s parents’ front yard with the reception in the back and the entire ceremony and party was focused on family and Christ. It was entirely “rachel” and so incredibly beautiful. My favorite part of the wedding was the look on Josh’s face when Rachel walked out of her house. I think it brought tears to everyone’s eyes. 
that’s my present in silver in the back, I got them a new monogram for their house!

look at those adorable koozies and the personalized mason jars
sand on the dance floor so your boots slide
“A cord of three strands is not easily broken”