a wedding at last

We attended a wedding this weekend that was incredibly sweet. The bride and groom have been together for five years, have an adorable little girl together, and three other kids making up their amazing family. It was such an honor to watch them walk down the aisle FINALLY and become man and wife even though they have basically been married forever! They wanted the wedding to be all about family and oh boy was it! Everything was made, cooked, designed, and decorated by family! The five (5!) cakes were made by the bride’s cousin (and delish!), the reception hall was decorated by the groom’s sister (with manpower help from the whole fam), and the food was made by the bride’s mom and the groom and his brother! It was such a great wedding to remind everyone in attendance that a wedding doesn’t make a marriage, the love the couple shares makes the marriage.

the cake toppers were the toppers from the bride’s parents’ wedding! How special!
those bows on the shoes… I made those… yep
my glasses made an appearance since when we are driving to Austin I was rubbing my eye and my contact ripped… oh joy
PS did you win the drybar giveaway?