Let’s get real

On many of the blogs that I read daily I’ve noticed a trend over the past couple of months. Many women have written about or at least alluded to the fact that their lives aren’t perfect. Shocker. But seriously, I think it’s great for bloggers to get that out in the open. My life is far from perfect and for those of you that know me you’re probably going well yes Katherine we knew that but for those of you that think my life is perfect (that just sounds so high and mighty), or at least more perfect than yours, let me let you in on a not so little not so secret secret: it’s not.

Bloggers have a tendency to only put the good out in the world, which I fully appreciate. I mean who wants to go read someone who complains and b*tch*es for a whole page? No one does. We all want the pretty,  the nice, and the inspiring so this isn’t about complaints or criticisms this is about everyone seeing women for who they are: real women.

Real women can’t always shop at J Crew or Ralph Lauren every day (or every year for that matter), real women can’t always bake like the Barefoot Contessa all the time, real women can’t always craft like Martha, real women can’t always work out 24/7, real women aren’t always size 2s, and real women can’t keep it all together all the time. So yes the pictures that bloggers post might look perfect but let me tell you they are probably the 165th picture of the cake or flower or outfit or handmade diorama of the solar system that they took. It was also the fourth cake, eighth flower arrangement, 25th outfit pose, and 12th diorama they made. (Who would make 12 dioramas of the solar system I don’t know but just go with it)

As long as everyone knows that those perfect pictures that you see on blogs, or those fashion compilations, or gift guides have a perfectly imperfect person behind them it’s all good. I mean I’m obviously all for trying to get the perfect picture or I wouldn’t shove the camera at Tom and go “take some artistic shots” then try not to laugh as he proceeds to crack up. The things I go through… 

Anyway what I’m trying to say is that I don’t ever want anyone to feel unimportant, unsatisfied, or un-anything when they read my or anyone else’s blog! We are all imperfect women trying to bring a little bit of sunshine into the world.

My wish when you read my blog: I hope you’re never underwhelmed and I hope you’re never overwhelmed, I hope you’re whelmed (if that’s possible).

10 points if you got the movie hint from that…

So here’s to being perfectly imperfect… which is perfect. 
Got that? 
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    haha, i miss you katherine! :)