Half Marathon Training Schedule

Here we go! Tom and I are registered for a half marathon in August on my last day in Columbus. And let’s face it. I can’t run. I loathe it. So I am going to need a schedule to get me through it so I know what I need to do, how much/long I need to run, and the days I need to do it on. So here is my 12 week half marathon training schedule. Let’s call it the 0 to 13.1 Training Program! Or the couch to 1/2 bada** program! (Only 1/2 bad-a because I’m going to need to complete a full marathon to be a full bad-a but let’s not get ahead of myself)

Anyhoo here’s my training schedule:

Now I just need someone to keep myself accountable… oh tom…

The South will rise again

We went to the Ohio Historical Center this past weekend for their Memorial Day celebrations. Part of the festivities was a civil war battle reenactment and I am pretty sure I was the only one yelling “the South will rise again!” I’m from Texas, sue me; I got some pretty weird looks… but hey the men (very few by the way) who were confederate soldiers were pretty enthused that not everyone was booing them. It was really great though! After the battle we got to interact with the actors and ask them questions! 

Come back tomorrow for some fun civil war games being played by yours truly Katherine & Tom! Those pictures are quite hilarious!

Happy Memorial Day!

Hope everyone had a great Memorial Day! Tom, Winston & I went out to the country last night (yes Ohio has country… I felt like I was back in Texas) and we had a great time with friends and a huge bonfire to cap the night off! 
Here’s to remembering what this day is truly about. Gig em & God Bless.