Half Marathon Training Schedule

Here we go! Tom and I are registered for a half marathon in August on my last day in Columbus. And let’s face it. I can’t run. I loathe it. So I am going to need a schedule to get me through it so I know what I need to do, how much/long I need to run, and the days I need to do it on. So here is my 12 week half marathon training schedule. Let’s call it the 0 to 13.1 Training Program! Or the couch to 1/2 bada** program! (Only 1/2 bad-a because I’m going to need to complete a full marathon to be a full bad-a but let’s not get ahead of myself)

Anyhoo here’s my training schedule:

Now I just need someone to keep myself accountable… oh tom…

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    I think it looks manageable! I am currently working on a 5K for mid-June so good luck!