happy birthday to tom

So I’m in Columbus now and I kinda like it! The weather is waaaaaaay nicer than in Texas (although it somehow doesn’t feel like school’s out without triple digit temps…) and there are a lot of interesting places for me to explore up here! Tom and I drove straight through a week ago Sunday and that was an interesting ride. Winston proceeded to disregard the partition we put up between the front and back seats and just popped on over anytime he wanted to say hi… or eat our snacks.

{notice how Winston is focused on the beef jerkey in Tom’s hand}

We ended up getting into town early morning, 4AM, on Monday which was Tom’s 25th birthday! So we went and say Iron Man 3 (in 3d AND imax), it was a lot of RDJ if you ask me. Then tried out one of Columbus’ staples, the Thurman Cafe. We ordered the one, the only, The Thurmanator, and I cringed when it came out. I mean there was just SO MUCH FOOD. It almost made you feel sick. But we split it (and I only could eat half of that half!) and it was delicious! Then we topped off the night with some ice cream from Jeni’s Splendid Ice Creams which is right down the street from Tom’s apartment (dangerous)!

I spent the rest of the week relaxing now that finals are over and taking walks with Winston. I’m waiting for my security clearance to go through so I can start work!