Magnificent Mile

While in Chicago for the wonderful wedding of Hanna and Doug, Tom and I took some time to explore the city. We both had been there before, and we both have friends who live there, but we’ve never been there together. We went for a run along the lake Saturday morning which was great, we walked to Navy Pier and Millenium Park before ehading back to go to the wedding. Then on Sunday we had brunch with Tom’s friend Luke who lives in the city before heading up to the top of the John Hancock Center and enjoying the view! Tom might have gotten dragged into the American Girl store. And by might I mean he-was-such-a-good-sport-as-he-joined-all-the-other-men-with-pained-expressions! We had such a good time and we both agreed we need to go back and spend some more time in the city!

Oh Chicago, we kinda miss you!