see, swirl, smell & sip

There is a grocery store in Columbus that is more awesome store than grocery store and they have wine tastings every Friday night for only $6! Tom and I went for the first time and we loved it. There are six different wine ‘stations’ where they also give you a taste of something (we loved the shrimp) and you get the choice of a taste of wine (which is very generous) or a taste of beer. One guess which was my choice and tom’s choice! After we stopped by the store’s market and had dinner. A huge very colorful salad and a personal deep dish pizza which Tom had been drooling over for a good 30 minutes. All in all, we love the Giant Eagle Market District and we’ve already been back for a brunch (were we split a croque madame and an omelet) and we plan on going back! 
sorry for the fuzzy picture, my camera wouldn’t focus for some reason

Now we’re thinking about the wine school!