Laugh for Charity

Tom and I joined the National Hemophilia Foundation for a night of laughter to help raise money for their group and the Central Ohio chapter! We had such a lovely time and were very moved by what we heard and saw. We listened to some lovely speakers who had the disease themselves and then we saw a heartbreaking video from a mom whose son has hemophilia. I’ve included the video at the bottom so you can see it. Please watch it! Tom and I bid on a couple items but the prices soon jumped out of our league. One of the items up for auction was an OSU helmet signed by Urban Meyer! Yeah… we most definitely did not win that one! After the auction we had a great dinner and performance by Shadowbox Live! Some of the best skits were about the “translate-her” app on your phone and then the “translate-him” app. Tom and I were in stitches! We had such a wonderful time and were so happy we went and supported the National Hemophilia Foundation!

Oh and apparently Tom and his friend who joined us Andy go shopping together… Lord almighty.

that time a 12 year old caught the bouquet

Tom and I had our last road trip this past weekend thank goodness to Minnesota to attend the wedding of one of his friends from high school and college. It was a blast hearing all the fun stories at the rehearsal dinner. Tom was in the wedding so I had got to go early to the church and read a book while pictures were being taken etc. The reception was adorable and it was actually at the place where the groom proposed, which made it even more special! And yes, a 12 year old caught the bouquet and all the single girls on the dance floor kinda did an excuse me what was that look to each other… oh well the dancing more than made up for it! The we (and by we I mean Tom and his dad peace-d out and went fishing) got up the next morning and threw a bridal shower for one of Tom’s cousin’s fiancee that is getting married this upcoming weekend, that unfortunately we just cannot make it back to attend. I got to see one of my Minnesota friends for a pot of tea and some much needed catch up! What a great weekend, full of family and friends!

Look at that handsome fellow giving a toast at the rehearsal dinner!
Us taking crazy pictures in the corner during a lull

Bang for your buck

Last week Tom and I had a $5 date. Oh and we got free tickets to Cedar Point. Yep. No lies. 5 bucks and free tickets. How AWESOME is that?! How did we do such a thing you ask? Well *brushes off invisible lint on shoulder* we donated blood and got the free tickets, I like the whole saving-people-and-getting-to-go-ride-roller-coasters later thing. Am I right? Tom donated at lunch time and after we met in front of Nationwide Arena for their summer Friday promotion event! They had their mascots running around (how they survived in 90+ degree heat in those suits I don’t know. I half expected one to drop in front of all the kids!), a bouncy house which we debated whether it would be prudent or not for us to go in (we didn’t have time but we would have!), and $1 hotdogs & drinks! All in all our entire date lasted about 30 minutes and we had a blast. It was the best lunch I’ve had in Columbus thus far. Don’t you just feel good when you do a good thing, get a fun meal for cheap, and get to spend time with a handsome man? Yep, me too. If you didn’t say yes I don’t think we can be friends… 
All this for $5!

What was one of your favorite cheap dates?

Sir Winston sits for a portrait

If you follow me on instagram (@duchessofplumewood) you saw a sneak peak of the caricature Winston “sat” for!  Well the entire ordeal event was hilarious and fun! I love the store that held the event it is so bright and chock full of dog toys that even humans would want to play with! The artist loved Winston! He kept calling him diplomatic and stately. I was dying because hello his namesake was Churchill! I think the portrait is such a great take on Winston but see for yourself!

 Winston stared intently at the artist sometimes… 
 Then other times he drooled like crazy when I was about to give him a treat
 The wall of toys!

I cannot wait to hang this caricature in my apartment when I get back to Dallas! What do you think? Would you ever pay money to have a caricature done of your pet?