Bang for your buck

Last week Tom and I had a $5 date. Oh and we got free tickets to Cedar Point. Yep. No lies. 5 bucks and free tickets. How AWESOME is that?! How did we do such a thing you ask? Well *brushes off invisible lint on shoulder* we donated blood and got the free tickets, I like the whole saving-people-and-getting-to-go-ride-roller-coasters later thing. Am I right? Tom donated at lunch time and after we met in front of Nationwide Arena for their summer Friday promotion event! They had their mascots running around (how they survived in 90+ degree heat in those suits I don’t know. I half expected one to drop in front of all the kids!), a bouncy house which we debated whether it would be prudent or not for us to go in (we didn’t have time but we would have!), and $1 hotdogs & drinks! All in all our entire date lasted about 30 minutes and we had a blast. It was the best lunch I’ve had in Columbus thus far. Don’t you just feel good when you do a good thing, get a fun meal for cheap, and get to spend time with a handsome man? Yep, me too. If you didn’t say yes I don’t think we can be friends… 
All this for $5!

What was one of your favorite cheap dates?

  • Alexandra

    I just moved from Columbus, but I loved it there. One of my favorite date nights when I lived there was to go to the Grandview Theater. It is an old fashioned one screen movie theater, but it is fairly cheap (for a movie theater). They have big red soda which take me back to childood!

  • Katherine

    Alexandra we went to the grandview theater during my last week! It was so chill I loved it! Way more special than the HUGE theatres!