Laugh for Charity

Tom and I joined the National Hemophilia Foundation for a night of laughter to help raise money for their group and the Central Ohio chapter! We had such a lovely time and were very moved by what we heard and saw. We listened to some lovely speakers who had the disease themselves and then we saw a heartbreaking video from a mom whose son has hemophilia. I’ve included the video at the bottom so you can see it. Please watch it! Tom and I bid on a couple items but the prices soon jumped out of our league. One of the items up for auction was an OSU helmet signed by Urban Meyer! Yeah… we most definitely did not win that one! After the auction we had a great dinner and performance by Shadowbox Live! Some of the best skits were about the “translate-her” app on your phone and then the “translate-him” app. Tom and I were in stitches! We had such a wonderful time and were so happy we went and supported the National Hemophilia Foundation!

Oh and apparently Tom and his friend who joined us Andy go shopping together… Lord almighty.