Royal Baby!

Oh lordy lordy! The royal baby is here! HRH Prince of Cambridge has arrived! I feel the need to make cupcakes like I did for the Royal Wedding! For your viewing entertainment check out the website of “royal photographer” Alison Jackson. I always get a kick out of her photos! I hope I’m as cute as the fake Kate and the real Kate when I’m having a baby, which I would like to stress is not for a few years thankyouverymuch!

Here were the Royal Baby numbers before the birth:

I don’t know about you but I got very little work done today becuase I had the live streaming video up on my desktop and twitter going in full force! I did get a memo and some research done but still! Still can’t believe there’s another little prince in the world today! And how adorable is it that they waited to announce for four hours so they could be together as a family? I love it. #waitykatiesrevenge My top choices for names? George, Spencer, or Oliver. But Kate please don’t touch Elliot because that’s on my list. Cannot wait to see pictures of the new prince… or should I say new Half Blood Prince? : )
Who else was watching today?