shame shame shame

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I hate running. Seriously I hate it. I would love to be one of those people who can run for miles and love every step. I would love to love running but. I. DONT. Maybe I will. Maybe I won’t. But all I know right now is that I did not keep to my half marathon training schedule and I will not be running one in August. Excuse me while I cover my face in shame…

In all honesty I probably will put a half marathon back on my bucket list for next year because it was a constant reminder to get my butt out the door. Plus I think I know now that because I really detest running I am going to have to have a longer training process. Longer than two months! So now there will be at least two things that will not get crossed off mu bucket list: 1. the half marathon and 2. celebrating mardi gras in NOLA. While NOLA was a little out of my control (hello law student budget) the half marathon was completely in my control and I think that is what makes me feel so bad. I feel like I let myself down and I’m embarrased because there is nothign whatsoever to blame for not completing the half except for myself. And when you are the only thing that stands between yourself and your goals it really sucks.

So here’s to honesty, embarassment, owning the shame, and planning for next year.

Have you ever felt like this?