Sir Winston sits for a portrait

If you follow me on instagram (@duchessofplumewood) you saw a sneak peak of the caricature Winston “sat” for!  Well the entire ordeal event was hilarious and fun! I love the store that held the event it is so bright and chock full of dog toys that even humans would want to play with! The artist loved Winston! He kept calling him diplomatic and stately. I was dying because hello his namesake was Churchill! I think the portrait is such a great take on Winston but see for yourself!

 Winston stared intently at the artist sometimes… 
 Then other times he drooled like crazy when I was about to give him a treat
 The wall of toys!

I cannot wait to hang this caricature in my apartment when I get back to Dallas! What do you think? Would you ever pay money to have a caricature done of your pet?

  • Jasmine

    OMG. This is the cutest thing ever. The store looks cute and I cannot believe your dog sat still! My dog can only sit still for maybe 10 seconds, haha.

  • Katherine

    Thanks jasmine! I will say though he didn’t sit still for very long! And the treats gave him an incentive to sit still!

  • 7% Solution

    I never thought I’d be the type to spoil my dog, but I’d totally love a little caricature of him!

  • Katherine

    It was so worth it!! Plus the experience was hilarious! I will have to post where I end up hanging it in my apartment! Winston must approve of course, haha!