that time a 12 year old caught the bouquet

Tom and I had our last road trip this past weekend thank goodness to Minnesota to attend the wedding of one of his friends from high school and college. It was a blast hearing all the fun stories at the rehearsal dinner. Tom was in the wedding so I had got to go early to the church and read a book while pictures were being taken etc. The reception was adorable and it was actually at the place where the groom proposed, which made it even more special! And yes, a 12 year old caught the bouquet and all the single girls on the dance floor kinda did an excuse me what was that look to each other… oh well the dancing more than made up for it! The we (and by we I mean Tom and his dad peace-d out and went fishing) got up the next morning and threw a bridal shower for one of Tom’s cousin’s fiancee that is getting married this upcoming weekend, that unfortunately we just cannot make it back to attend. I got to see one of my Minnesota friends for a pot of tea and some much needed catch up! What a great weekend, full of family and friends!

Look at that handsome fellow giving a toast at the rehearsal dinner!
Us taking crazy pictures in the corner during a lull