tour de grandview

Last Friday Tom and I spend the evening with a coworker of Tom’s that just retired! In fact Friday was Jack’s last at work and it was Jack and his wife Liz’s 38th wedding anniversary; and how did they spend it? They went to dinner and walked around a cycling race with Tom and I. I. Felt. Horrible. We didn’t know it was their anniversary and they had invited us to go with them so we had no clue, but still! We made it up by bringing them some flowers! But I think everyone had a really great time! We spent an hour chatting on their front porch and then walked through the grandview “main street” watching the cycling races, then popped on over to the Grandview Cafe for dinner!

The cycling races are an annual thing in Grandview and they were lauded as “ohio’s premiere cycling race” and I guess if you cant make it over to France to compete in the Tour then you come to Grandview and race around a two mile course? Did that sound snarky? I say this with the complete awareness that each and every one of those competitors could probably kick my booty in a race.