20 dates in Columbus

I’m no longer in Columbus with Tom. And it sucks. While Columbus was awesome I think I kinda miss the guy more than the place. BUT we did have some pretty good times in Columbus and some pretty good dates there. So since I have some time (and space here) to reminisce about these great dates I’m going to show you how much fun one can have in Columbus, Ohio. Some of these pictures you might have seen before and some are completely new (oooooooooooooo aaaaahhhhhhhh I know right).

1. Front Street Fridays with the Blue Jackets (our date)
2. Shadowbox Live (our date)
3. Gresso’s (our date)
4. Jazz & Ribs Festival (our date)
5. Clippers Game (our date)
6. Movies at the Commons (our date)
7. Wine Tasting at Market District (our date)
8. Memorial Tournament (our date)
9. Ohio Historical Society (our date)
10. Le Chocoholique in Short North
11. Thurman Cafe (our date)
12. Columbus Zoo (our date)
13. The Winking Lizard
14. North Market (our date)
15. Mazah & Aladdin’s
16. Brazenhead Pub
17. Jeni’s Ice Cream
18. The Boat House
19. The Woodlands Backyard
20. Rusty Bucket

So if you’re ever in Columbus or if you live there and haven’t explored your own town (hey we all do it) get out there and have a blast! I tried to put up the dates that couples can do normally but some are a once a year type of thing (like the Jazz and Ribs Festival).

P.S. Check out my guest post for Chelsea on Lost in Travels that went up Saturday!

  • http://www.mybeautifuladventures.com/ Andi Perullo

    So sorry you’re missing him! But what fun dates!!!

  • http://duchessofplumewood.blogspot.com/ Katherine

    Thanks Andi! Yeah it’s so weird to go back to not seeing him everyday but he has to come down to TX on a work trip this weekend so I’m not too sad… yet