26 before 26

My list of 25 before 25 didn’t all get crossed off but that’s okay because having the list pushed me to do things I wouldn’t normally have done or made time to do otherwise! I have been compiling my list of 26 before 26 all year so without further ado let me unveil the 26 things that will (hopefully!) be happening in the next 365 days!

1. Go hiking
2. Make a thrift store purchase beautiful again
4. Write one handwritten letter a month
5. Wear a button down for a whole week, no repeating
6. Learn how to crochet or knit
7. Have dinner in the Reunion Tower
8. Teach Winston two new tricks
9. Ride a bicycle built for two
10. Take blog followers to over 200 (you can help by following on Bloglovin here!)
11. Make homemade ice cream
12. Throw a party
14. Start a diary
15. Try a new food
17. Ride a mechanical bull
18. Make a KIVA loan
19. Start each week with a Ted Talk
20. Play messy twister
21. Two weeks with no TV
22. Attend a blogger conference
23. Celebrate a non ‘American’ holiday
24. Run a race
25. Make a 27 before 27
26. Read 26 books

Have you made your own Birthday Bucket List?

  • brittany

    i haven’t made a bday bucket list but i have a life bucket list in mind like visit a vineyard. I don’t drink alcohol but vineyards are so gorgeous! also on that list is to go to a poetry slam. #22 yes!

  • http://www.mybeautifuladventures.com/ Andi Perullo

    I did, but I stopped because I was never able to cross everything off and it frustrated me haha. Love your list though!

  • http://duchessofplumewood.blogspot.com/ Katherine

    A poetry slam! That’s a great one!

  • http://duchessofplumewood.blogspot.com/ Katherine

    I understand! I feel like I don’t get going on crossing off my list until the last couple of months!

  • brittany

    yeh. my friend james went to one last month and said it was so cool, the room full of energy!