Cedar Point!

On Sunday Tom and I made the trek up to Sandusky, Ohio to get our thrill-on, use our free tickets from The American Red Cross, and ride some of the best roller coasters in the world dun dun DUN! I love roller coasters, love them, love the feeling that you get when you’re going up the first hill and you think what in the bejezzus am I doing?! and the feeling when you’re upside down and you think please don’t get stuck here please don’t get stuck here and the feeling when it’s over and you (hopefully) think that hour and a half line was SO worth it!

Well turns out the waiting in lines was worth it we rode as many coasters as we could and stayed until close! We had the chance to experience the Gatekeeper, the newest roller coaster, which was incredible! But my favorite, and it seems to be a fan favorite as well as it’s won awards year after year, was the Millennium Falcon Force (I totally walked around all day saying Falcon). It was your quintessential roller coasters… on steroids, then 10x faster, and with an amazing view of Lake Erie! Yep, Cedar Point is right on Lake Erie, it’s on a flipping island in Lake Erie! (I tried not to think of the Erie Doctrine every time I said Lake Erie… if you didn’t get that don’t worry it a law school thing and you’re better off if you don’t know. Trust me.)

All the rides we made it on: Millennium Force, Gemini, Mantis, Power Tower, Top Thrill Dragster & The Gatekeeper

Walking back to the car after our last ride on the Millennium Force we did a little dancing in the strobe lights… just to spice things up. We also saw some little kids coming off a sugar high, carrying gigantic stuffed animals, and looking at the lights like they were drunk bugs who were flying into a bug zapper. Descriptive enough for you?

We didn’t get back to Columbus until 1:30 but it was so worth it. I would love to come back and stay in one of their cabins on Lake Erie and see all Cedar Point has to offer and spend some time lounging around Erie!

we took this picture because it looks just like this one we took at Valley Fair last year… side note: Valley Fair is owned by Cedar Point!

How amazing is that view?