If my phone could tell a story…

This is what’s been going on lately through the lens of my phone…

i have discovered kale / up before 6AM for two weeks / top of the rockwall
tom’s fist pump on the rockwall / kitchen island lust / nancy drew collection is complete
winston’s last day at tom’s / winston bored on the roadtrip / CPR certification complete 
brainstorming fantasy football team names / last drink in Columbus / i forgot how hot texas was
  • http://mypassionjourney.com/ Lauren

    Oh man! I love Nancy Drew! Those little yellow books bring back such good memories!

  • http://www.southern-cafe.blogspot.com/ Jasmine

    It’s definitely hot in Texas! I’m ready for the “fall/winter”

  • http://duchessofplumewood.blogspot.com/ Katherine

    Lauren I hear ya! I read two the other night they went so quick! I was like I remember why I loved these!

  • http://duchessofplumewood.blogspot.com/ Katherine

    Yes! Can we just stay below 80 please?!