Ohio State Fair

Tom and I like to think ourselves something of State Fair connoisseurs. I mean seriously, we both hail from the states’ that boast the BIGGEST AND BEST state fairs in the country. Yep, Texas weighs in at #1 with a whopping 3 million visitors a year on average and Minnesota grabs second with 1.6 million visitors. (See my past trips to the TX State Fair here and the MN State Fair here) Tom does like to brag that the Minnesota State Fair has the most things on a stick… I guess I can give that to him. But we were shocked to find out that the Ohio State Fair comes in third, we also had to politely shut our mouths when an older gentleman was adamant that the Ohio State Fair was the biggest in the country… no sir I think know you are mistaken. So we needed to see what the whole Ohio State Fair thing was all about.

We went up on Saturday and was sort of disappointed. We walked through what we thought was basically carnival rides and booths that you see at tiny festivals, I mean the carnival in Grease was better than what we were seeing. Then we turned the corner and entered the food zone. Well well well, it looks like we entered through the JV entrance because lordy lordy lordy was there some goooooooood stuff at this fair.



1) Tom ‘talking’ to the turkeys. Seriously, he would “gobble” at them and they would do it right back. All of them. All 50. They didn’t do that for anyone else, believe me, I tried, no dice.

2) Pig Races. We were jumping up and down like the little kids cheering for “Taylor Not-So-Swift” “Brad Pitt-Belly” and “Shake n’ Bacon”. Please watch the video and laugh.

3) The fried food. We had to. Fried mac and cheese, fried mashed potatoes, fried ravioli, and fried oreos. I’m sure somewhere my anti-fried food mother is having a heart attack… or a cholesterol spike.

4) Tom’s lady bug prize. He won at one of the midway games and got to choose between two different lady bugs. He carried that thing around the whole day and then we gave it to Winston, who destroyed it in 30 seconds.

5) The butter cow. There was a cow. Made out of butter. I kid you not. And it’s like a thing in Ohio. We were told by numerous people to go see the butter cow. I felt a little bit like Ben in Parks and Rec when everyone was freaking out over Lil Sebastian, but unlike Ben who did not finally get Lil, I did come around to the butter cow. I mean it was sculpted out of butter. Geez how WT am I?

So while the Ohio State Fair may not surpass Texas and Minnesota, we had a blast! I’m hoping the Texas State Fair brings some pig races this year!