Overheard this summer

This summer I’ve sat in on some interesting meetings, entertaining trials, and hilarious break room conversations. For some entertainment I decided to record (on paper) some of the better parts of the discussions for posterity… and my own personal enjoyment haha. I wrote them on sticky notes to make my tiny cubicle desk study corral a more fun place to spend my days. At first it was just two or three sticky notes and one attorney who randomly spotted them. Then as I stuck more notes up I caught more and more attorneys dropping by to see the new ones! In honor of my last day at work I wanted to show you all the interesting things I overheard this summer…

Which is your favorite?

  • http://heleneinbetween.com/ Helene

    haha i think i like the monkey one. that’s awesome.

    Helene in Between

  • Christina McCall

    I have to go with the funnel cake one … these all sound like the stuff I hear at work on a regular basis!