The Real Ladies of Law School: Update

I know everyone loved the first installment of the Real Ladies of Law School. Here is a preview of the second season of the RLOLS!
Brittany is coming back to finish her third and final year of law school after a great summer with a firm in Minneapolis. Will she see the fellow clerk, a 1L, who crashed and burned at the firm? What will she say? Does North Dakota have a pull on her after law school or will she stay in Minnesota? Will the summer fling stay until next summer?
Maria has completed a successful summer working for a large firm in Minneapolis where she had her own office to spread out in. She’s now back in class and juggling work too. Will she start ordering around the 1Ls like her minions this summer? Will her party girl lifestyle change as she gets closer to taking the bar? 
Crissy is engaged and is juggling her fiance, friends, and her pup. She traveled around the world this summer so how does she cope with coming back to the stress of law school, fitting in trips to her cabin, and planning a wedding all while keeping her sanity? 
Kristen is also engaged and is planning a wedding in Ireland all while finishing law school. Talk about drama and stress! Can she bring family together across the pond,  get her travel arrangements completed, wedding invitations sent, and turn in her Sales final?
Katherine has moved from Minnesota to Dallas and has completed a summer with the US Attorney. She is trying to keep up with classes, her blog, her new job, her long distance boyfriend, and her furry babies. Her planner looks like a rainbow threw up in it… will she crack under pressure or does she need to start scheduling more champagne time in her planner?  
Looks like the second season of RLOLS is going to be a drama filled one! I’m still amazed Andy from Bravo hasn’t hit up my cell yet… I mean I should at least get a trip to the Bravo Clubhouse and be on Watch What Happens Live!

PS the winner of the Lilly Pulitzer Giveaway is up here! Check to see if you won! 
  • taylor

    haha wait, this is amazing. your friends look like so much fun :)
    loving your blog. can’t wait to read more about you!

  • Katherine

    Haha thanks Taylor! So happy you stopped by!

  • Rachel Murphree

    Oh my god, I LOVE these tag lines! This post is so cute!

  • Andi Perullo

    Hahaha this is hysterical, love it!

  • Kristin Abbott

    you’re the cutest and I love you! pencil me in for champagne and skype date, plz.

  • Katherine

    Thanks Rachel! We made them up during contracts class one day! Don’t tell our prof! Haha

  • Katherine

    Champagne and skype? Yes please! I want to hear all about the wedding planssssss!

  • Katherine

    Thanks Andi! We had a blast making these lines up! We were talking about turning it into a skit before I transferred!

  • Sandra Dötsch

    just found your blog through The Nectar Collective :)
    I really liked your post and your blog!

    to study law is not my thing, but I’s cool to meet people who do :)