Party on Rainey Street

This past weekend I head down to Austin (with the two fur babies in the car) to attend a wedding reception for one of my old babysitters who was also the daughter of my Kindergarten teacher! They rented out an awesome bar down on Rainey street for the reception and it was so cool! In other great news: I found out I like gin! Hooray! Mom, Winston, and I also went to brunch at my favorite breakfast spot in Austin: Kerby Lane Cafe! Where I celebrated fall with the first pumpkin pancake of the season! Yummy yummy yummy! On our way out we stopped by a pet store to get Winston a new elk antler (dang my little boy is spolied and I love it) and he met a 16 week old baby English Bulldog named June! Oooooooo man! Remember how I talked about Baby Fever last week? Well now I’ve got Puppy Fever! I need another bulldog, and it needs to be a girl and her name needs to Clementine. (Because Clementine was Winston Churchill’s wife – duh) Little baby Clemmie! Oh dang I feel my fever rising!

 This is a ‘Bramble’ – I like gin
 after the reception… and after gin
it’s not a brunch unless there is a mimosa
Baby June!
we took a nap together

How was your weekend? Do you like gin? 

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Weekend Trip to Paris

No no no I am not going to Paris for the weekend (but if anyone wants to take me I will gladly go!) I am starting a new series, based on my own travel experiences and my severe case of wanderlust, of how to see a city over the course of a long weekend!

Three days. In Paris.

Let’s do this.

Day 1: Go straight to the Eiffel Tower! Do not pass go, do not collect $200. Be at the Eiffel Tower as soon as it opens. Actually, get there 20 minutes before and grab a crepe at a street vendor or at a patisserie. When you get down from your amazing experience hop on the metro (it’s very easy to navigate, even if you don’t speak French) and go to Notre-Dame. Tour the cathedrale and it’s catacombs then walk around the Ile de la cite: Sainte Chapelle, Place Dauphine, Pont Neuf, and Place St-Michel. Eat lunch at a cafe on the Left Bank, there are some amazing places in St Germain. Walk along the Left Bank and go see the Musee d’Orsay. If you have time before dinner hop on the metro and see the Hotel des Invalides where Napoleon’s Tomb is! Pick a great spot for dinner on recommendations from your hotel or one of the many guidebooks!


Day 2: Start your day at the Louvre! Take a full half day soaking in all the exquisite art and then leave both amazed and a tiny bit depressed because you wish you could stay. Eat lunch at a cafe by the Jardin des Tuileries. Walk through the jardin, see the Musee de l’Orangerie (where Monet’s Water Lillies are shown), check out the Place de la Concorde as you get to the beginning of the Champs Elysees. Walk down the Champs Elysees and buy some macaroons at La Duree and look at all the very expensive shops. End your walk at the Arc de Triomphe! Dinner again wherever you choose! I never ate a bad meal in Paris!


Day 3: Catch the RER out to Versailles and see it all! Tour the main Palace, the gardens, the Grand Trianon, and Marie Antoinette’s Hamlet. Take the RER back to Paris and hop on the metro to head to Montmartre and have lunch! See the Basilique du Sacre-Coeur and walk through Montmartre looking at the artists colony. Take a Seine Dinner Cruise and enjoy your last night in Paris! Toast to the Eiffel Tower as you go by and see it sparkle!

like that photo bomb on the right? haha yeah…

Extra Credit: if you’ve got extra time or get to stay a little longer these are other things you can add
– Jardin du Luxembourg
– Pere Lachaise Cemetary (seriously)
– Take a cooking class
– Take a day trip to Chambord or Chennonceau
– Euro Disney is only an RER ride away!

Who’s ready to go to Paris?

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Scarlett Raviss

Meet my alter ego. Her name is Scarlett Raviss. How did I get that name? Oh well it was at my 21st birthday party in Vegas at a stripper 101 class. Okay okay we did NOT strip but it was a hilarious class that included my mom, my grandmother, my aunts, and other women who are basically my aunts. We all got a “certification card” at the end and we had to put down our new name, mine was Scarlett Raviss, I wasn’t about to put down Candy or Cookie, so I went historical with some Scarlett O’Hara inspiration and the last name means ‘ravishing’ in Middle French. (yeah that’s right, middle french, I was going to minor in French deal with it)


 I like to think Scarlett has always been around. She normally shows herself (not like that geez) during dance. She’s really confident, outspoken, ravishing, and incredibly enchanting. Sometimes I borrow a little from Scarlett when I (Katherine) am feeling shy or I need a confidence boost. 

 this was in a bathroom… I matched the walls

There are other famous alter egos Beyonce has Sasha Fierce, Sasha Baron Cohen has Ali G, Clark Kent has Superman, Sabrina has The Teenage Witch (maybe?), Lady Gaga has Joe Calderone, and David Bowie has Ziggy Stardust. So Scarlett Raviss isn’t that crazy right? 

I think this might be my favorite picture

Apparently I’ve always had Scarlett inside me…

Do you have an alter ego?

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This. Is. Beautiful.

I’ve watched this and it brought tears to my eyes. Please enjoy. It’s the NYC Ballet and it is incredibly moving. They released it at dawn on 9/12/13 with this quote: “Our hope is that 9/12 can now be rebranded as a day of optimism and new beginnings.” 
And yes, that is the new One World Trade Center lit up right behind them.

Chills people. Chills. 

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