Good Guest’s Guide: Birthday Parties

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1. RSVP – if the invite, no matter paper/electronic/verbal, if it asks for a RSVP then you better respondez! They’ve got to make arrangements so you best let them know you’ll be there!

2. Wear your party clothes – dress to the nine! You’ve got the day of a person’s birth to celebrate so skip the nike shorts and throw on a dress and a little lipstick!

3. Bring a gift – it doesn’t have to change the person’s life but it should coordinate with your budget and the depth of your relationship with the birthday person. Good idea is as soon as you RSVP go get a gift. You’ll bypass the whole last minute stop to Walgreens because you don’t have a gift.

4. Don’t get drunk – just don’t.

5. Take the hint… and leave on time – if the invite has a set time then leave within 20 minutes of the end time. It is okay to stay later if the host/hostess isn’t itching to get people out! But remember that the host/hostess is just a good actor/actress and they really want you to get out so they can clean up and watch Scandal on the couch. 

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  • AnotherCleanSlate

    I wish we could force people to read these rules. So true!