I’ve got a fever

“Fever – in the morning, fever all through the night”
– Fever by Peggy Lee
I’ve got a fever and it isn’t one you can read on a thermometer, the fever I’ve got is baby fever. Oh and it’s real. Seriously
I feel like EVERYONE around me is either getting engaged or getting pregnant or having babies. Does anyone else feel like this? Now I don’t feel that inexplicable urge to walk down the aisle, aka wedding fever, but I’ve been overcome lately with that inexplicable urge to have a baby. A mini-me or a mini-whoever. 
Do I really want a baby? No. Do I think I’m old enough or mature enough for one? Nope. Am I ready to put everything I want to do on hold for a munchkin? Not yet. Do I think I would be a good mom? Well, heck yes! But my point is that my brain knows I don’t want a baby but my uterus heart is like ummmm excuse me let’s get on this popping out little humans thing
I mean I held that itty bitty in the above picture on the 4th of July courtesy of Tom’s cousin, I held another teeny weenie at a wedding we went to over the summer, and Tom’s sister is about to pop with twins! Who I will probably not put down over Thanksgiving! Plus there was the whole Duchess of Cambridge and Prince George thing… yeah. Babies, babies, BABIES!
What is up?! 
Maybe I just need to babysit a baby for a week or so to cool down this fever. Anyone have a small child they need help watching? Wow that sounded super creepy. I guess I will just have to solider through and feed the fever with holding the twins in November. 
Anyone else feeling the baby fever? 

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  • heather kirsebom

    Ah I feel te same way! I love the idea but not totally ready. It’s picture!

  • Katherine Nolden

    Good to know I’m not alone in this devastating fever! Haha!