Party on Rainey Street

This past weekend I head down to Austin (with the two fur babies in the car) to attend a wedding reception for one of my old babysitters who was also the daughter of my Kindergarten teacher! They rented out an awesome bar down on Rainey street for the reception and it was so cool! In other great news: I found out I like gin! Hooray! Mom, Winston, and I also went to brunch at my favorite breakfast spot in Austin: Kerby Lane Cafe! Where I celebrated fall with the first pumpkin pancake of the season! Yummy yummy yummy! On our way out we stopped by a pet store to get Winston a new elk antler (dang my little boy is spolied and I love it) and he met a 16 week old baby English Bulldog named June! Oooooooo man! Remember how I talked about Baby Fever last week? Well now I’ve got Puppy Fever! I need another bulldog, and it needs to be a girl and her name needs to Clementine. (Because Clementine was Winston Churchill’s wife – duh) Little baby Clemmie! Oh dang I feel my fever rising!

 This is a ‘Bramble’ – I like gin
 after the reception… and after gin
it’s not a brunch unless there is a mimosa
Baby June!
we took a nap together

How was your weekend? Do you like gin? 

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  • Tami

    Ohh man. I looked at this post at a bad, bad time. I need happy hour NOW. Even though I hate gin 😉


    aww looks like such a fun time!! and yes I do :)

  • Paulina Dombrowski

    Oh my goodness! Those holders with the bulldog on them. Adorable! And the bulldog puppy! Even more adorable. I have puppy fever pretty much 24/7, its not healthy.

  • Katherine Nolden

    Agree! I cant stop thinking about Baby June!

  • Katherine Nolden

    Happy hour! T minus… oh screw it, go now!

  • Katherine Nolden

    Hmmm what are Sloes may I ask? We call them blackberries too! I loooooove them! Winston is pretty handsome, he loves compliments! He does need Clemmie!