Be the Match

One of my items on my Birthday Bucket List is to get on the Bone Marrow Donor list. Boom. Done. Yall this was one of the easiest things ever. Now I do not doubt that if/when I get the call that I am a match to someone and they need me (did my chest just puff out like superman? why yes, yes it did) that going through the donation process is not going to be a piece of scrumptious chocolate cake but that doesn’t matter! I am so happy that I did this. It took ten minutes of my time and has had me riding a high ever since. I encourage each and every one of you to register, do your swabs, and make a difference. You could literally be saving someone’s life.

I promise you it feels good to sign up! I hope I get called up (maybe they should just make a batman signal but for me… it could be a CROWN!) and have the opportunity to give! Ask yourself one question today: What are you doing that can save someone’s life?

Have any of you signed up for the registry? Or are you an organ donor (I am)?