Good Guest’s Guide: Hotels

1. Stay Calm – if something goes wrong with your arrangements don’t freak. The hotel isn’t doing it to you on purpose, everyone makes mistakes, and the person you’re talking to isn’t incompetent. If you stay calm they will stay calm and everything will get worked out, and hey, you might get upgraded! 
2. Maids are not your maids – you keeping your room somewhat tidy is the same as when you rinse the dishes before you put them in the dishwasher
3. Use your inside voice – no one else wants to hear how awesome your day in paradise was or how you got caught in a rainstorm. Remember the scene in SATC2 when the men got married and you hear Samantha and her boytoy all night? Don’t be that couple!
4. Tip – if someone touches your bag they get $1, housekeeping gets $2 per night. It’s common courtesy
5. Always deadbolt your door – this might not be a guest thing but for your own and others’ personal safety lock your door 

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  • Rachel Murphree

    Good tips! I always feel so bad about leaving a mess in a room and try to tidy up, and others ask me why I even bother. It’s just courtesy, yo!

  • Katherine Nolden

    Amen sister! I always try and do that too!